Breaking Free from Sexual Shame

Breaking Free from Sexual Shame

Breaking Free From Sexual Shame - Women's 8 week process group


Many women have experienced conflicting identities between their spiritual/religious selves and that of their own sexuality. Many of us have been taught to repress our sexuality in order to to resist engaging in sexual sin, or behaviors deemed unacceptable of women by the culture at large. This repression is often met with feelings of guilt and shame that are lodged deep within our bodies, and impact our relationships, self-esteem, and ability to engage in healthy sexual expression.  This group is meant for those who are on a journey of deconstructing messages of shame around sexuality. Whether you were influenced by a faith background about sexual standards and gender roles, or you absorbed messages from the cultural environment around you, this group is meant to break free from sexual shame and build community around a subject about which many of us have only ever felt isolation. 


The goals of the group are to release sexual shame and claim our whole selves in a body positive and sex positive manner. This is an all women, 8-week process group beginning in 2019 where we will explore and discuss messages of shame around sexuality, in order to strive for health and wholeness. This group is for anyone on a journey, regardless of current or past faith affiliation or beliefs. Diversity of thought is welcome and celebrated! 


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This group is inspired by the writings of Linda Kay Klein in her book “Pure: Inside the Evangelical Movement that Shamed a Generation of Women and How I Broke Free”. We will not be following this book week by week, but many of our conversations will be informed by the themes and conversations of women written in this book. 


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